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Decided to finally get your Motorcycle License?  Ready to take an Intro to Riding Basics Course?  Are you a seasoned rider who wants to take the refresher class?  Whatever your course, we will help you be ready for the M1, M2 Exit License Course Test.

We are the only place that provides all 4 REQUIRED EQUIPMENT for the test!  All gears are D.O.T. certified with C.E. Approved Armour for maximum protection required by the schools.  Only Alpha Team Racing provides gloves that cover the wrist as well.  Don't be the one who the instructor does not allow to continue during the course.  You will not get a refund on your money for the class. 

Alpha Team Racing offers motorcycle gear rentals at our store in Toronto.

We stock a full range of men's and women's motorcycle and scooter gear. 

Whether you are renting for the instructional course to get your license, to enjoy a week of riding, or to hit the track, we have all you need.

Each riding season we stock brand new gear and is cleaned after each use. Our gear is C.E. and D.O.T. approved.

Take your motorcycle rider training course with confidence by gearing up in bona fide motorcycle apparel. Take your M1 rider training course or M2 exit motorcycle license test dressed in proper motorcycle gear.

Helmet  $35 per week
Jacket   $35 per week
Gloves  $20 per week
Boots    $35 per week

Complete Total Package $99 + HST.  $200 Deposit Required. 

*Gear is to be returned undamaged and unsoiled. Damaged or soiled gear may be subject to extra fees.