Rent Motorcycle Gear

Alpha Team Racing offers motorcycle gear rentals at our stores in Toronto and Brampton.

We convey a full scope of men's and ladies' motorcycle and scooter gear for a wide range of riders and conditions. These gears are ideal for motorcycle instructional classes or track days.

Our rental gear is acquired new toward the start of each riding season and cleaned after every client’s utilization. Everything has an approved safety rating for motorcycle and scooter riding and is supplanted if there is any indication of harm that would compromise its function.

Harmed or soiled apparatus: Gear is to be returned undamaged and unsoiled. Harmed or exorbitantly messy gear might be liable to extra repair/substitution/cleaning charges.

You may rent gears, for example, motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves at Alpha Team Racing. Take your motorcycle rider training course with certainty by gearing up in bona fide motorcycle apparel. Take your M1 rider training course or M2 exit motorcycle license test dressed in proper motorcycle gear.

No reservations required!

Get fitted and pick up gear same day.

First come, first served.