Interview with Omar

Why did you rent from Alpha Team Racing?
- I wanted to learn more about motorcycle riding but I wasn't ready to fully commit to buying gear. I read all the great reviews about Alpha Team Racing online and decided that it was the perfect place to rent gear and gain the experience I had wanted without spending too much money.

What did you like about renting gear from us? 
- The people at Alpha Team Racing were incredibly knowledgeable and by the time I left the store with the gear, I was already that much more confident in my decision and ability to pass my course.

How would you rate (1-10) ATR's product and service.
- 10/10

Describe your experience of the Course/Test
- It really isn't that hard. I think what most people struggle with is the clutch work, so it might help learning how to drive standard beforehand, but either way with just a bit of confidence anyone can do great!

What was the most difficult part of the Course/Test?
- Speeding up smoothly and braking quickly.

Any tips for students?
- Learn standard and don't be afraid.

What bike are you planning on getting?
- Kawasaki Ninja 300.

What's next for you? ie) Trips
- Probably practicing everything I learned in the course in the real world and gain that much more confidence in my abilities. My goal is to someday tour Europe on a bike.

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