Interview with Joe

Why did you rent from Alpha Team Racing?
- It was very convenient to rent all required safety gear from one place at a reasonable cost.
What did you like about renting gear from Alpha Team Racing? 
- Friendly staff, service was great and renting gear was quick and easy.

How would you rate (1-10) ATR's product and service
- 9

Describe your experience of the Course/Test
-The training course was fun, at the sametime I was able to learn the all the necessary skills to pass the M2 test.
What was the most difficult part of the Course/Test?
- As a new rider, the most difficult part of the training was learning the controls (Clutch, Accelerator, Brakes). 
- As for the test the most difficult part was completing some of the exercises within the expected time.

Any tips for students?
- Use sunscreen and sunglasses. As well, make note we bike you are using and continue to use the same bike on the second day.
What bike are you planning on getting?
- I am planning to get a bike that is 300cc or 250cc.
What's next for you? ie) Trips
- Nothing planned at the moment.
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